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5 Spring Tips That Translate into a Summer of Successful Cooling


Spring is probably the most important time of year for mechanical and structural operations within an Industrial Plant. Extreme weather changes require us to pay close attention to the systems and processes that we manage. This especially includes your cooling tower. As the world around us begins to come to life again, your cooling tower also needs certain reinforcements during the spring time to be able to battle the summer heat at maximum cooling capacity. Here are our recommended spring tips for your cooling tower operations:

  • Find the right vendor. There is one big reason to choose a vendor: PRICE! However, there are many reasons to not choose a vendor beyond the provided inspection quote. Here are 4 benefits that we offer, that we also recommend across the board:
    • Your vendor should be able to provide a qualified and current contractor's license.
    • A VERY detailed and thorough inspection report should be provided. This includes a written report with photos.
    • Experience!
    • Having the resources to complete, back, and follow up the work that they complete. As Professionals, your vendor should be able to complete inspections timely, accurately and can provide a PM plan or schedule per your request.

  • Complete a Thorough Inspection. Have a detailed inspection report completed, recorded and analyzed so that your cooling tower is ready to operate at peak efficiency.

  • Save Money With a Little Organization. After your completed inspection, put together a list what parts and materials you need and how many. Be sure this list is as complete as you can make it. Then compare vendors and order as soon as possible. Requesting replacement parts and materials at the last minute can significantly cost you in expedited shipping, stock & availability or in some cases processing as a non-bulk order will cost you.

  • Complete a Basin Cleaning. Once you have replaced, repaired or upgraded any materials and parts based on your inspection report, ensure that clogging and other damaging high water chemical concentrations that reside within your water system are cleaned out. This will keep those brand new investments lasting longer than just through the summer.

  • Have a Preventative Maintenance Plan, or at least a PM schedule. Ask your vendor to put one together for you. This way, just the same as your vehicle, you know exactly when certain parts, materials or mechanicals you need to check up on before a catastrophic failure occurs.

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