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Join us in congratulating Bill Howard on receiving such an honored achievement



Cooling Tower Depot, Inc. is proud to announce that Bill Howard our Senior VP and Engineer has recently been elected to be the next President of CTI (The Cooling Technology Institute). We are honored to have Bill on our cooling tower team. His experience, insight and leadership within the cooling tower industry certainly has left an imprint. Bill started his career here in Colorado by obtaining his Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Engineering in 1982.

Since then, Bill has been involved with and held leadership positions within multiple organizations such as:

  • Member of NSPE (national society of professional engineers)
  • South Carolina Contractors License since 2010
  • Member and active participant in CTI since 1990
  • Past Board of Director for CTI 2003-2005
  • Past Vice President for CTI 2004-2005
  • Current ES&M (Engineering and Standards) Committee Chair for CTI 2012-2016
  • Chair of numerous standards and codes and guidelines for CTI over the past 25 years.
  • All around great guy!

Join us in congratulating Bill Howard on receiving such an honored achievement, one that takes a lifetime of dedication to the cooling tower industry to accomplish!