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Counterflow Low Fouling Fill
Counterflow Low Fouling Fill

Counterflow Low Fouling Fill


Low-Fouling PVC Fill, 1' X 2' X 6', 10 Mil Vertical- flute 0.75"size 10 mil sheets glued packs

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$103.79 Each

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Low Fouling Film Fill in Wood Cooling Tower Low Fouling Fill Film Installation With Cross Flute Diffusion Typical Low Fouling Fill Film Wood Tower Installation Installation of Low Fouling Fill Film in FRP Cooling Tower Low Fouling Fill Film in Large Wooden Cooling Tower

Physical Property ASTM Test Units Value
Density D772 g/cm3 1.39 - 1.45
Tensile Strength (yield) D882 lb/in2 6,000 min
Flexural Strength D790 lb/in2 11,000
Flexural Modulus D790 lb/in2 525,000
Stiffness in Flexure D747 lb/in2 525,000 min
Gardner Impact Strength D4226 in lb/mil 1.0 min
Tensile Impact Strength D1822 ft lb/in2 255 min
Heat Deflection D648 Deg F. (264 psi) 162 min
Flammability D635   Self extinguishing
Less than 5 seconds
Flame Spread Rate E 84   Less than 20