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7 reasons to Complete a Fall Cooling Tower Inspection



1. You will want to complete a fall inspection if you have not completed a spring one. Cooling Tower Inspections should be a non-negotiable budget expense. Inspections are vital to your tower running efficiently and optimizing performance. Most importantly, they will save you countless headaches.

2. Your company is probably making their budgets for 2016. As they hack and slash your much needed projects and expenses, give yourself ground to stand on by having a professional cooling tower inspection and a highly reputable cooling tower service re-iterate and support you and your right to a piece of the budget for your much needed cooling tower costs.

3. The hot months of summer, combined with the moisture from your cooling tower means that your tower has been a breeding ground for algae and debris within your water system. Cleaning your water before winter is a generally a good idea to help prevent debris from clogging your water distribution system.

4. As winter approaches, inspect all distribution headers, laterals, and nozzles to make sure all are clean and in proper working condition. If they are not, water cannot flow at the highest possible rate in all areas, leading to localized ice buildup in the winter months.

5. Check your gearbox oil levels before winter comes. Be sure to use a synthetic oil during winter operations. Synthetic oils will help keep your gears lubricated throughout winter. Another option is to install the GSU Filtration System. This system will help filter your oil through winter, so you don't have to change it. To learn more about gearbox maintenance procedures, check out our Gearbox Handbook.

6. It is important to find and replace any compromised structure, hardware, louvers, or fill with significant calcium build up before the added weight of snow and ice come along. When winter approaches, help keep the ice build up to a minimum with the proper winter operating procedures.

7. Last but not least, a fall inspection will help keep your team safe while operating and maintaining cooling towers in icy months. Please be sure to have someone inspect and replace any worn or torn non-skid surfaces on stairways and that all railways are in line with safety standards. This is extremely important in the geographical locations were white outs, black ice, and feet of snow are a weekly battle in your maintenance routine.

Stay safe this winter with the help of a fall inspection! To further understand what's all included in a standard Cooling Tower Inspection check out our counterflow and crossflow inspection guide that goes over what happens during an inspection and what you should expect once one has been completed.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us call: 720.746.1234.
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