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Does Your Emergency Action Plan Include These Five Items?


Spring is officially here and along with warm sunshine and blooming trees comes the ugliest sides of Mother Nature: High winds, hail, lightening, tornados, and hurricanes. Luckily, we can usually plan ahead for such weather. However, before the storm hits, complete these five tasks plus whatever it is you do for good luck! These five actions just might save your cooling tower and the budget from total disaster.

  • Be certain the FAN STACK hold down hardware including the hurricane bolts are installed and tight. In need of hold down hardware? Find it here.

  • Shut down motors before locking fan blades to ensure fan blades do not spin while locking procedures are taking place.

  • After the motor shut down, then ensure fan blades are locked to prevent spinning in either direction. This will additionally protect your structure, supports and other mechanical equipment from free spinning fan damage.

  • With any new tower install lightening protection.

  • Check Fan Stacks and all rotating equipment after the storm and prior to returning to standard operation. Additionally, know where to turn if repairing tower damage is needed so that your operations are up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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